Filmmakers, Brands and Advertisers:

 Schedule your 15 Minute Sync Call Right Now to Discover the New “UBER for licensing” and Download Your Sync Licensing Cheat Sheet today!

Also in this call learn how to:

  • Avoid $900 hourly lawyer fees AND get the HIT music you want.
  • ​Avoid Social Media Takedown Notices & Costly Liability Lawsuits that occur more and more frequently. 
  • Discover the RIGHT way. Pay for what you ACTUALLY need and ONLY when you need it! 
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Getting the music right plays a BIG part in communicating to your audience. 

Whether it is: 

  • Streaming on Netflix 
  • ​Traditional Theaters 
  • ​YouTube or Mobile Applications
  • ​Celebrity Snapchat Series
  • ​Corporate events

We know your project is important and the music plays a vital role in its success. 

We serve YOU by managing the music (and all its moving parts) for:

  • Advertisers
  • ​Filmakers 
  • ​Brands

Everyday at The Sync Center we see MORE AND MORE MUSIC being used in MORE AND MORE PLACES. With online take downs, shifting budgets, legal negotiations, managing the “music part” of your project correctly is now essential.

The Sync Center is a full-service music supervision and licensing company that has managed projects for hundreds of clients including national and global brands, agencies and cultural events. Trusted by Fortune 50 companies, filmmakers, advertisers, networks, brand agencies, YouTubers and major film studios. 

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